A Message From The Teachers

The North Gower Cooperative Nursery School has long been a place where the wonder of learning happens daily for all those who are a part of the program:  the children, teachers, and parents.  We are all learning from each other constantly.

The children are like little scientists, observing faces and body language and noticing all that happens around them.  The world of toddlers and preschoolers is one of extraordinary brain activity.  When children are engaged in purposeful play they are discovering, creating, improvising, and expanding their learning.   We teachers at NGCNS do work around a theme for each week or season as a place to start, however our job as educators is to facilitate play based learning and we do this daily and on an ever changing level, taking the children’s lead.

Evidence is accumulating that when there is an emphasis on social and emotional learning, with a special focus on positive adult-child interactions, children do well.  We work hard here to ensure that there is time spent with each child in a positive, stimulating and safe environment.  As an example, there is much joy gained in the moment where a child recognizes their name, or masters the ability to write the first letter of their name.   Sharing successes and helping a child to reach a goal whether it be physical, social, emotional, or cognitive,  all these achievements are a wonder to witness and a privilege to be a part of.

Watching the parents in their role as a member of a cooperatively based school is inspirational.

The executive member in particular deal with many issues throughout the year.  As a result of shared time and hard work,  those parents that are long gone from the school have maintained friendships for many years.  A sincere and heartfelt thank you to those of you in the past, as well as those of you presently who have invested so much time and energy in the school for our youngest members of society.   If only every child had this kind of love and support, what a wonderful world it would be.

The teachers so appreciate the support and the respect we receive for our knowledge and expertise through our years of experience with all the different aspects of our part in the operation of the school.

We love doing our work here, and hope  you choose to join us in this wonderful journey through early childhood learning.


Director/Registered ECE

Judi is an Early Childhood Educator, registered with the college of Early Childhood Educators (RECE).  She began her career working in a daycare in Ottawa, and has been the Director of the NGCNS for over 20 years. Members of the College need to be engaged in high quality continuous professional learning, as which Judi has always found ways to enhance her knowledge and skills and has viewed learning as a major part of her role as the director of the NGCNS. Judi is always well aware and informed of upcoming workshops from which she is able to bring back fresh ideas that will enhance our nursery school program.   Attendance of these programs is ongoing throughout the school year and supported financially and/or with time away from the program for any daytime sessions. Judi is a member of an ever growing number of groups that support Educators on every level imaginable: arts and crafts, indoor and outdoor activities, administrative items and issues, workshops on policies and procedures through the Ministry of Education and the College of Early Educators, music workshops, training in WIMIS, to name a few.  As required by the Childcare Licensing System, she is trained and current with a full Standard First Aid and CPR-Certificate.


Program Assistant

Hawley has worked at the North Gower Cooperative Nursery School as a Program Assistant in the Junior and Senior programs since 2009.  She has run a science enrichment program for young children and has been with Science in the Schools as well as a Jump math tutor for children.  Additionally, Hawley has been actively involved in music with children.  Hawley is trained in standard first aid and CPR-C.