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About North Gower Cooperative Nursery School

North Gower Cooperative Nursery School is located in the Alfred Taylor Recreation Centre, in North Gower Ontario. Indoors, this facility features two spacious rooms with space for quiet play, circle times, snack tables, and larger equipment for development of motor skills. Outdoors, children enjoy various play structures, sand toys, tricycles and a gentle hill for winter sliding.

The school is a non-profit, self-supporting, co-operative venture that depends on tuition fees, fundraising revenue, a grant from the City of Ottawa, as well as a direct operating grant from the Ontario government. With the exception of the teaching and cleaning staff, all work in the organization is voluntary. The efficient running of the school depends on each parent/guardian co-operating in the work of the various committees, which are established according to choices they make at the time of registration.  All parents/guardians are required to participate and be involved in school duties and activities.  When all parents/guardians co-operate with the staff and executive, a high standard can be maintained while keeping fees at a minimum.

The school is an incorporated body, administered on a volunteer basis by parents/guardians who volunteer to serve a one-year term on the Executive. We are licensed by the Ontario Ministry of Education.

Our Programs


Why Choose Us

Our nursery school has socially and cognitively oriented programs for 18 month to four years old. We aim to provide a well-planned, stimulating, healthy environment in which a young child can develop socially, cognitively, emotionally and physically. Creativity is encouraged through the provision of diverse materials, equipment and experiences that are not easily available in the home.  In our 50 year history NGCNS has provided quality programs for hundreds of children with the support of parents in the community, the Ministry of Education, and the City of Ottawa.


Questions and Answers

Staggered integration into the school year commences following Labour Day Weekend.  All parents of registered students will be notified of the integration date for their child.  On the integration date, parents accompany their children to the school for the first class, to provide support and help with integration efforts.  This also provides parents with an opportunity to understand how the program operates, which will assist the parent in understanding the routine for duty days.

The school year runs until mid-June. Holidays, as outlined below, coincide with those followed by the Ottawa Board of Education.

A co-operative nursery school is a family project with the parents/guardians and staff all interested in the same venture. The more the parents/guardians put into it, the more they will get out of the experience.

Our Executive is made up primarily of parent volunteers, please let the current President know if you are interested in volunteering on our Executive for an upcoming term.  Your involvement is welcome and appreciated!

In order for a child to participate in any field trip, an Offsite Authorization Form must be completed and returned by the parent/guardian at time of registration. In addition, an individual authorization form will be distributed for each trip.  Our Junior & Senior Programs offer the following field trips per year and are subject to change from year to year:

Miller’s Berry Farm & Pumpkin Patch

Children look forward to our annual trip to Miller’s Berry Farm every year in the fall.  Parents need to drive and accompany their children and we all enjoy a wagon ride out to the pumpkin patch to pick our very own pumpkin.  After our wagon ride, we have a chance to sit down and enjoy a story and an apple, and then have some free time to wander and jump on the big bales of hay!

Valleyview Little Animal Farm

Our summer field trip to Valleyview Little Animal Farm is always so much fun for both our children and our parents!  Our crew are entertained with a puppet show, a ride through the fields on the train, they are also able to wander around and visit with the animals, and play in the wonderful children’s playground.  Bring a snack or pack a lunch and feel free to extend your day and enjoy everything that Valleyview has to offer!  Parents to provide transportation and accompany their children on this trip.

Strawberry picking at Foster Family Farm

  • Thanksgiving Day
  • Christmas Break
  • Family Day
  • March Break
  • Good Friday
  • Easter Monday
  • Victoria Day

The school may close occasionally during the year because of exceptionally bad weather conditions; if in doubt, call the School. If school buses are not running, or if the School Boards close the schools, then the Nursery School is closed.